We’re proud to announce that Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley won two awards at the DIY Film Festival in Los Angeles last week – Best Documentary and Best Film! Waxing a little sentimental here, the DIY stamp of approval is especially meaningful. The indie spirit of Amazing Grace is a big part of its overall message – that Jeff inspires regular ole people (like us) to embark on their own creative odysseys.

The on-going loop of this film is that we were inspired by Jeff to make a film about WHY Jeff inspired us to make a film. Our passionate desire to create a film through which people could “catch” this inspiration is what carried us through the DIY process. Without inspiration there is no DIY. You simply can’t sustain.

That said, the DIY awards are a true testament to the inspirational reach of Jeff Buckley, and we’re particularly proud of it! Thank you very much to Rich Martini and the DIY judges.

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